• About MIDAP

    MIDAP is a partnership of programs, agencies and funders working together to increase financial capabilities among Michigan’s low-to-moderate income residents.


  • About Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

    Used side by side with other financial services, Individual Development Accounts are an effective tool to promote asset development awareness and financial readiness in Michigan.

For Sites

Program Resources:

New client slideshow (PPT)

Why Support IDAs (pdf)

engaging IDA waiting lists (pdf)

FAQs for Potential Participants(pdf)

FAQs for Program Sites (pdf)

Sample A Participant Orientation Folder (pdf)

MIDAP Policies and Procedures 2015 rev  (pdf)

AFI Participant Eligibility Questions and Answsers (pdf)

Client File Forms

Potential participant application revised 2015 (pdf)

Qualified Withdrawal Request Form rev 2008 (pdf)

Income Calculation Worksheet (pdf)

Income Calculation Tip Sheet (pdf)

Success Story worksheet (pdf)

Sample F Missed Monthly Deposit Letters (pdf)

Sample E Participant Contact Log (pdf)

Sample D Participant Information Summary (pdf)

Sample C Participant Acceptance Letter (pdf)

Sample G Letter to FI re IDA funds (pdf)

Participant Notification of Dismissal (pdf)

Gift IDA letter (pdf)

14. Participant Exit Survey (pdf)

13. Participant Exit Program Form (pdf)

12. Participant Qualified Withdrawal Notice to FI (pdf)

10. Participant Emergency Withdrawal Request Form (pdf)

Participant Overpayment Withdrawal Request Form (pdf)

9. Participant Open Account Authorization (pdf)

8. Participant Release of Liability (pdf)

7. Participant Release of Information (pdf)

5. Individual Asset Plan (pdf)

4. Participant Savings Plan Agreement (pdf)

6. Participant Beneficiary Designation Form (pdf)

4. c. Participant Saving Goals (pdf)

4. b. Financial Check Up Quiz (pdf)

4. a. Participant Personal Budget form revised mar 06 (pdf)

2. Participant Documentation Review Form rev mar 06 (pdf)

1. Applicant Request for Information form (pdf)

Tracking and Reporting

Outcome Tracker Report Summary (pdf)

Outcome Tracker Quick-guide revised (pdf)

appendix F Paperwork Flow Chart (pdf)

appendix N Determining Earned Income (pdf)

flow of services aug 07 (pdf)

File Maintenance Checklist (pdf)

Tips and Trainings

QW Tips for sites (pdf)

Sample I Business Plan Outline (pdf)

Sample H Personal Marketing Plan (pdf)

Education Plan training for IDA (pdf)

Education IDA Personal Marketing Plan (pdf)

IDAs and SSI SSDI payments (pdf)


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