• About MIDAP

    MIDAP is a partnership of programs, agencies and funders working together to increase financial capabilities among Michigan’s low-to-moderate income residents.


  • About Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

    Used side by side with other financial services, Individual Development Accounts are an effective tool to promote asset development awareness and financial readiness in Michigan.

For Funders

Since 2001, IDAs in Michigan have impacted over 3000 families.  Even if an individual is not successful in purchasing their asset, the free training and counseling provided to all participants gives a better understanding of financial management and banking products, a household budget, an understanding of “paying yourself first”, a life-long savings account, credit repair and debt management.

If you are interested in funding this program, please contact Heidi Henderson (heidih @ olhsa.org) at 248-209-2691.

For a list of past funding sources, please click here:

List of Financial supporters for IDAs in Michigan (pdf)

Why Support IDAs (pdf, 19 kb)

For the most recent statewide report, please click here:

MIDAP Statewide Report Jan-Mar2015 (pdf)

For past statewide reports, please click here

For evaluations of the program, please click here:

MIDAP Yr 1 eval and exec sum (pdf, 1,602 kb)

MIDAP Yr 2 eval (pdf, 439 kb)

MIDAP Yr 2 exec sum (pdf, 89 kb)

MIDAP Year 3 eval (pdf, 497 kb)

MIDAP Yr 3 exec sum (pdf, 161 kb)

For recent news articles and releases , please click here.

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