• About MIDAP

    MIDAP is a partnership of programs, agencies and funders working together to increase financial capabilities among Michigan’s low-to-moderate income residents.


  • About Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

    Used side by side with other financial services, Individual Development Accounts are an effective tool to promote asset development awareness and financial readiness in Michigan.

Archived Statewide Reports

Please click below for past reports:

MIDAP StatewideOct-Dec2014 (pdf)

MIDAP StatewideJuly-Sept2014 (pdf)

MIDAP Statewide April-June2014 (pdf)

MIDAP Statewide Jan-Mar2014 (pdf)

MIDAP statewideOct-Dec2013 (pdf)

MIDAP quarterly report Apr-June2013 (pdf)

MIDAP Quarterly Report oct-dec2012 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportJuly-Sept2012 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportApril-June2012 (pdf)

MIDAP Quarterly reportJan-Mar 2012 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportOct-dec2011 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportJuly-September2011 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportApr-June2011 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportJan-Mar2011 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportOct-Dec2010 (pdf)

MIDAP Quarterly report July-Sept2010 (pdf)

MIDAP Quarterly reportApr-June2010 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportJan-Mar2010 (pdf)

MIDAPQuarterlyreportOctober-December2009 (pdf)

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