• About MIDAP

    MIDAP is a partnership of programs, agencies and funders working together to increase financial capabilities among Michigan’s low-to-moderate income residents.


  • About Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

    Used side by side with other financial services, Individual Development Accounts are an effective tool to promote asset development awareness and financial readiness in Michigan.


Please click below to read about how IDAs and other asset development programs were most recently in the news:

The 2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard is the leading source for data on household financial security and policy solutions.  Statewide data, overall rankings and custom reports and graphics are available.  Click here to go to main page.


CFED’s Weathering the Storm study reports on the foreclosure rates of IDA homebuyer graduates, compared to non-IDA homebuyers.  The results are very reflective of how much  the training components of the program do prepare an individual for the home-purchase process:

Weathering Storm – IDA 4-1-10 (April 2010, pdf)


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